Transforming Homes in Marlboro, NJ: Home Makeover LLC’s Stunning Siding and Gutter Upgrade

Located in Marlboro, NJ, these homeowners recently embarked on an exciting home remodeling project with the expertise of Home Makeover LLC. The goal was to revamp the siding and gutters of her cherished property, seeking an upgrade that would not only enhance the home’s appearance but also provide long-lasting durability.

The homeowner’s vision was clear – she wanted new horizontal vinyl siding installed along both sides and the rear of the house, creating a seamless and modern look. To add a touch of elegance and charm to the front facade, she chose a 7″ cedar impression shake style siding in the sophisticated Charcoal Gray color.

The project involved several intricate details to ensure a flawless transformation. Home Makeover LLC proposed a comprehensive plan that included capping all fascia/rakes, upgrading to wide outside corners, and installing upgraded Azek window trim, front door trim, and garage door trim. The upgraded Azek trim also extended to the overhang supports, where meticulous attention to detail was a top priority.

One of the highlights of the project was the installation of extra-wide Azek front columns. These columns added grandeur and sophistication to the home’s entrance, featuring double base, double crown, and top ring trim. The front door crown boasted a full 8″ tall Azek trim board with the Azek Solid Crown installed at the top, elevating the entrance to new heights.

For a unique touch, the front entryway peak received special treatment with upgraded AZEK vertical Board & Batten style siding. The installation utilized approximately 12″ batten strip spacing, adding character and dimension to the home’s facade.

Throughout the process, Home Makeover LLC ensured a seamless experience for the homeowner, including the installation of the front door as part of the project. Additionally, the homeowner requested the removal of all shutters, opting for a clean and minimalist look for her home.

To accommodate the homeowner’s specific request for extra-wide Azek columns, she took the responsibility of arranging her masonry contractor to expand the width of the front porch. This ensured the proper installation and alignment of the striking Azek columns as discussed.

Upon the project’s completion, the homeowner was delighted with the outcome. The new horizontal vinyl siding on both sides and the rear of the house blended harmoniously with the 7″ cedar impression shake style siding across the front in Charcoal Gray, creating a stunning exterior that exuded modern elegance. The attention to detail and use of premium materials, such as Azek trim, added a touch of luxury and distinction to the home’s facade.

In Marlboro, NJ, Home Makeover LLC once again demonstrated its expertise in home remodeling, delivering a transformative experience for the homeowner. The successful replacement of the siding and gutters, along with the meticulous installation of the upgraded Azek elements, resulted in a home that stood out in the neighborhood while reflecting the homeowner’s discerning taste and style.