You may not think much about your gutters, but they play an important role in protecting your home. When your gutters are working well, they control the water flow off of your roof and direct that water away from your home. This helps prevent water damage, mildew, and foundation issues.

If your gutters aren’t protecting your home like they should, you could end up with a whole host of problems. It’s more cost effective to replace gutters at the first sign of trouble. Here are some signs that it’s time to get your gutters replaced:

You Have Cracks or Splits in Your Gutters

If you notice cracks in any part of your gutter system, it’s time to get a professional inspection. Even small cracks in your gutters can spell big trouble for your home. Small cracks can lead water away from where it should be. Furthermore, these splits get bigger quickly. Water can then damage your home, including the fascia boards behind the gutters, shingles, and even your foundation.

You Notice Paint Peeling

Every part of your gutter system is designed to handle the elements. In fact, gutters should last about 20 years. But if you notice the paint peeling from your gutters, it’s a sign that they are starting to wear down.

You might see flakes of paint coming down the downspout or small chips of paint coming off the gutters. Any of these signs could mean that your gutters are deteriorating and any defect in your gutter system needs to be corrected. Call a trusted contractor to assess the damage and make recommendations.

There’s Water Damage Around the Foundation

Take a look around your home’s foundation. If you see water pooling up around the foundation, it means your gutters aren’t doing their job of moving water away. You may also notice mildew or other signs of water damage such as chipping/flaking concrete. If you see any signs of water damage or pooling around your foundation, call a trusted home contractor immediately.

You See Water Marks Beneath the Gutters

We recommend thoroughly inspecting your gutters every year on a sunny day. When you conduct this inspection, be sure to check the walls behind your gutters. If you see visible signs of water damage, it could mean you need new gutters. Typically, this means your gutters are overflowing. You may need a larger size gutter to properly protect your home.

Your Gutters are Sagging

Gutters should maintain their shape, no matter their age. If you see that they begin to sag or pull away from your home, you likely need a full gutter replacement as well as some fascia wood replacement that the gutters are attached to. Sagging gutters can mean that the system isn’t draining properly, there are clogging problems, or the gutter size is too small for the size and steepness of your roof..

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to talk to a gutter replacement contractor near you. Home Makeover LLC serves all of central NJ and is based in Monmouth County, providing top-notch gutter installation and replacement services. Don’t wait for water damage to take its toll on your home. Contact Home Makeover LLC today for a gutter company you can trust.