New Structure, New Deck

This project involved a complete deck overhaul, with a fresh Cottage color scheme in Colts Neck, NJ. The scope of work included several significant changes. Firstly, a new deck substructure was installed in the middle of the existing deck, complete with proper main beam support, joist hangers, and fasteners. To ensure longevity and low maintenance, all existing wood deck boards were removed, making way for the installation of new composite decking materials. The railings around the middle section were relocated to the new deck edge, with careful planning to maintain the existing railing during installation.

Additionally, the existing staircase was moved to the opposite edge of the deck area, with its size halved. The existing stair railings were repurposed for the new staircase, and the existing railing gate and hardware found a new home at the new stair location. A fresh railing and posts were also introduced to enclose the old gate location, enhancing safety and aesthetics. Furthermore, the perimeter of the deck and all steps received a picture-framed finish using square-edge deck boards, elevating the overall look. The DrySpace System was installed underneath the deck, specifically above the ground floor concrete patio area, diverting rainwater into a new gutter system installed along the inside of the main beam. Lastly, the project included the replacement of all existing railing post caps with new solar light caps.