Brining Life To This Home’s Aesthetics

For this siding replacement we started with the complete removal of all existing siding materials, making way for the installation of synthetic house wrap, foam insulation panels, and a brand-new siding system. For a vibrant exterior, our homeowner chose 5″ Clapboard style siding in the Firebrick Red color, complemented by bright white trim and outside corners. To add contrast, black color shutters adorn the windows, while the white color gutters enhance the rest of the home.

Attention to detail is key, which is why we removed the decorative frieze board trim along the front entry second-story top wall and installed new siding up to the soffits. Additionally, two storm doors were replaced for added functionality and style.

In terms of functionality, we’re ensuring proper drainage with new gutter and downspouts along the garage and second-story eaves. To protect against debris, new gutter guards were installed on all gutters. As a final touch, new Azek column trim and decorative moldings were added to update the porch posts, elevating the overall look of this home in Middletown, NJ.