There’s a new house on the block!

This time, our team went out to Tinton Falls, NJ, and this siding replacement began with the complete removal of all existing siding materials, revealing the plywood sheathing for the installation of the new siding system.
To enhance the overall look, all fascias, rakes, windows, and doors, including the garage door, were capped with new extra-wide trim in this siding replacement.

We ensured proper ventilation by installing new soffits, with a special solid beaded soffit installed under the porch roof. The entire gutter system was replaced as well. As part of the project, the two porch posts were completely replaced with 4″x4″ lumber on galvanized steel elevated base plates, then wrapped in Azek columns with decorative trim, adding durability to the structure. Additionally, all of the railings around the front porch were replaced with new white vinyl railings, including a new double door gate that was installed so the homeowners dogs had a special safe place to enjoy being outside.