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When people pull up to your house, one of the first things they notice is your siding. Does it look cracked? Is the paint fading? Make sure to bolster the value and the curb appeal of your home with newly installed siding.



Why Choose Us as Your Siding Contractor in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Never to be undertaken lightly, a siding installation involves major work on your home. You need to fully trust the contractor you hire, which includes relying on their advice about the most suitable materials and styles. There’s a breathtaking range of options for siding, and you may either be unaware of the possibilities or drowning in them. Our company doesn’t let customers fall into the trap of uninformed and unsuitable choices.

Let’s review some of the important questions you’ll need to resolve:

  • Which brands manufacture the products that will make your home look amazing?
  • Should you go for insulated siding? If so, how will it save you money?
  • How much of your siding actually needs to be replaced?
  • Will it make sense for your home to have two different kinds of siding?
  • Which colors will go well together on your exterior?
  • Are you choosing the most suitable width for your siding planks or panels?
  • What are the choices that keep you within your project budget?

Once you feel comfortable with your decisions, the installation process can take place, and you can eagerly look forward to a home that’s free from problematic siding. Picture your home with the exterior colors looking fresh and vivid. Imagine the effects of our workmanship and how strong it will make your property.

What’s the best time of the year to call us? Whenever you need us. Within two weeks of starting the installation, we can have your new siding in place. Expect a smooth and well-managed project conducted by professionals who will never settle for a sloppy outcome.

Upgrade Your Atlantic Highlands, NJ Home With New Siding

Why wait any longer to get rid of your old siding and introduce excellent new siding to your Atlantic Highlands home?

Financial Benefits

Installing new siding makes a lot of financial sense, as long as you’re working with the best professionals in your local area. The benefits of newly installed siding include a more beautiful appearance for your home, a rise in your property value, and a stronger degree of protection against leaks and other money-draining problems. Also, if you opt for foam-backed vinyl, you’ll have an even bigger impact on your home’s energy efficiency, and your utility bills won’t go up as sharply over time. If you’re planning to put your home on the market, whether for sale or as a rental, it’s necessary to perform this kind of renovation. You may, however, be wondering about the upfront costs of the project. Will it be too much for you to handle now? You’ll receive advice from us on how to keep any installation within your budget and without resorting to the use of substandard materials.

Customer Service

Have you ever had a terrible experience with contractors? You reach out to them, and they don’t quickly reply. You tell them about what you need, but they don’t seem to pay attention. And, as the project unfolds, you don’t really know what’s going on. Thankfully, you get an entirely different experience with our company. It’s easy to reach us, and we don’t leave you waiting a long time for an answer. When you describe what you’re looking for from your siding, we take detailed notes, and we ask the right questions to make sure that we completely understand you. During a project, you receive timely updates, and you know exactly who to turn to as your point of contact. Nothing is mystifying, and you don’t have to worry about nasty little surprises, like an unexpected fee tucked away in an agreement. We give you comfort and reassurance throughout every installation.


When launching into a home renovation, it’s understandable to feel highly anxious or stressed out about the process. In addition to the project’s costs, you worry about entrusting your home to strangers. Will they take good care of your property? Will they follow through on their promises and get the job done well and on time? Hiring us means that you’re assured of a fantastic outcome and a low-stress renovation process. We operate with principles of punctuality, courtesy, and a thorough commitment to high standards of workmanship. We handle your home with care, making sure the work site is well-organized and compliant with safety regulations. Our installers and other employees are vetted for their professional qualifications and their personal character. When committing to a project schedule, we don’t let preventable delays keep us from finishing on time. Although a blizzard or a rainy day can temporarily put a project on hold, not much else will delay us.


Most contractors are able to tell you that they carry insurance and possess the right license for working in New Jersey. But how many of them can truthfully claim to go beyond these baseline requirements? What are their accomplishments and their track record? We expect our workers to meet higher standards than average. The Vinyl Siding Institute, for example, has certified our installers, requiring that they pass demanding tests that prove their ability to handle difficult projects. This means our workers have proven their exceptional abilities to an independent third party that’s well-qualified to judge them. We also make sure that our other employees deliver work with impeccable professionalism and a consistently high quality. Our design specialists operate with excellent taste and an extensive knowledge about trends in home renovations. We never hire people who fail to demonstrate the capabilities and experience necessary for serving our customers at the highest level of satisfaction.
Population: 4,414

Median Age: 47.5

Number of Households: 1,895

Average Household Size: 2.3

Median House Value: $515,100

Median Household Income: $109,880

As a resident of Atlantic Highlands, NJ, you have so many things to do in the local area, like hit the beach, hire a boat for fishing, or take in the spectacular view from Mount Mitchill. And maybe you feel that your home is just as grand as Strauss Mansion. You want to take pride in your property and keep it in great condition. That’s where we come in, ready to redo the exterior and keep you happy with your home and its value.

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