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If your siding hasn’t been replaced for a while, there’s a strong chance it’s suffering from multiple problems, making your home much less resilient and beautiful. It’s time to get rid of the cracks, the fading, and the outdated look. We’re here to give you a siding makeover and a stronger home.



Qualities of our Siding Contractors in Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ

You may be excited to install new siding on at least part of the exterior of your home. Or maybe you’re feeling nervous about choosing materials wisely and determining the correct scope of the project. With the wrong contractor, you can feel stressed out and uninformed about what’s going on, and your project’s costs may balloon to an unacceptable point.

In choosing a contractor for your Avon-by-the-Sea house, what you need is a company with a justifiably strong reputation and qualities that inspire trust:

  • Excellent communication skills at every point in the project.
  • An honest accounting of costs and a fair approach to prices.
  • A reassuring steadiness and reliability in every facet of the work.
  • Certification from independent bodies with high standards, such as the Vinyl Siding Institute.
  • A commitment to making your life easier and your home more livable.
  • Workmanship that leaves you amazed and never disappointed.
  • A work ethic that leads to efficiency and precision.

Are you concerned about how much square footage we’ll need to cover with our work? Are you wondering if board and batten is really the best style for your exterior? Let us ease your concerns and help you reach your goal of a gorgeous home and higher property value.

Our industry experience is so extensive that we know how to manage complex projects without a problem and put together a superb team to work on your home. Vetted for good character and highly developed skills, the professionals who work for us are eager to get you started on a path to an upgraded home that shields you from weather extremes and other unpleasant and expensive issues.

Receive the Best Siding Installation in Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ

There isn’t anything about a siding installation project that we fail to do well. Peak excellence is what we deliver every time.


For people renovating their homes, cost is a major source of stress. You’re probably deeply concerned about expenses spiraling out of control and unexpected problems wrecking your budget. Starting with the free estimate we provide you, we aim for you to feel financially at ease with every decision, and we offer useful siding solutions for different budget sizes. Whether you’re choosing James Hardie or vinyl, you can pick from a wide selection of siding at different prices, and the products are never shoddy. Even a more affordable product will have impressive value. Through moisture resistance and other important properties, it will spare you from steep expenses. By consulting with us, you’ll be in a position to make choices that are cost-effective both in the present and over time. For example, if you’re weighing the possibility of insulated siding, we’ll help you calculate how it can bring down energy expenditures.


When making design choices, it’s important to take a holistic approach. You may like a specific kind of siding product, maybe because it comes in a designer style you find appealing, such as wood shake. But does it really suit your home? Maybe it would clash with the texture of your roofing or the shape of your doors or windows. You don’t want your investment in new siding to end up with aesthetically disappointing results. Fortunately, you can ask us to help you make beautiful choices. Using digital tools, we give you an accurate picture of various color and style combinations for your siding. Guided by your budget constraints and personal preferences, we highlight your best options. Because there are so many siding products out there, you benefit from working with deeply knowledgeable professionals who can point you to the possibilities that make the most sense.


When you plan a siding installation, you need to think about long-term benefits. If you try to cut corners, or if you choose materials that don’t conform to high standards, you’ll be stuck with frequent repairs, or you’ll leave your home with siding that needs to be replaced all too soon. We guarantee durability and longevity with our installations. Because we rely on the proper installation techniques and well-rated products, the siding can last for decades. We offer you a long-lasting warranty that covers leaks that may spring up in any siding that we have introduced to your home. But we can state with confidence that our installations will remain strong even when battered with rain, blizzards, and rough winds. The vinyl siding and James Hardie products that we specialize in perform all kinds of functions, from repelling pests to slowing down the spread of fire. You deserve this reliable strength for your home.

Five-Star Professionalism

Our company has never let itself become complacent about its strong reputation. Each new installation is another way to prove that we’re at the top of our field. We maintain our top position by continuously learning about industry developments and refining our already considerably well-developed skills. Our installers arrive at your home with extensive experience and impressive training and certifications. They carry out each project with a powerful work ethic and a dedication to providing you with a home that is significantly stronger and more attractive. They won’t treat your home with appalling carelessness and wreck anything, and you’ll never find them performing their job in an unsafe or unnecessarily messy work site. As for everyone else who works for us, they bring the same kind of energy and commitment to their professional responsibilities. When consulting with our design specialists, for example, you’ll be impressed by their excellent taste and wide-ranging knowledge of home styles.
Population: 1,760

Median Age: 55.7

Number of Households: 868

Average Household Size: 2

Median House Value: $913,700

Median Household Income: $95,781

Avon-by-the-Sea lives up to its romantic name. Whether you’re strolling along the boardwalk or visiting the swans on Sylvan Lake, you can appreciate the beauty of this New Jersey community. We’re always delighted to stop by at Avon-by-the-Sea and make sure that homeowners are getting the most enjoyment and the best value from their well-located properties. You may need only a simple siding installation on part of your exterior, or maybe you want us to redo everything. We’re ready for any kind of siding project.

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