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If your siding hasn’t been replaced for a while, there’s a strong chance it’s suffering from multiple problems, making your home much less resilient and beautiful. It’s time to get rid of the cracks, the fading, and the outdated look. We’re here to give you a siding makeover and a stronger home.



Why Home Makeover™ is Your Best Choice For Siding Installations in Belmar, NJ

Horizontal planks, vertical panels, shingles, and more. Think about all of your exciting siding possibilities, whether you want a straightforward and traditional choice or something a little more bold and unique. If you pick a fantastic contractor, your other choices will also turn out well. Our highly rated company brings both a breadth and depth of experience to home renovations, including our specialized siding services.

The traits we bring to each project guarantee your satisfaction by making your home even more beautiful and functional than you thought possible.

  • Ever-evolving skills that always keep up with high industry standards.
  • Rigorous third-party examinations and certifications for installers.
  • Complete openness about project details, such as pricing and materials.
  • Creative solutions that perfectly suit your home and its specifications.
  • Unmatched responsiveness to your feedback and questions.
  • The appropriate New Jersey licensing and insurance.
  • Across multiple platforms, high ratings from previous customers.

Reach out to our company, and you’ll immediately see why we have earned the trust of our existing customers. Even though we work in more than one location and maintain connections with manufacturers in different parts of the country, we operate in the style of a neighborhood business, with the same kind of personal attention and sincere friendliness to everyone who calls us.

Expect an in-depth consultation, swift and honest responses, and an installation that’s managed and performed so well, you’ll feel justifiably optimistic about the outcome. Join the growing number of customers who trust us with their homes and who enjoy lasting value from every project we perform.

Your Siding Expert in Belmar, NJ

Expect a hassle-free process that eliminates vulnerabilities in your home and brings you the strength, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of new siding.

Free Estimates

Are you concerned about how much a siding installation will cost? It can be a major investment in your home, so you want to make every effort to keep the costs reasonable and stick to the budget you have drawn up. You also want to rely on strong, beautiful materials from reputable brands. You can’t afford to cut corners and leave yourself with steeper long-term expenses. During the initial phase of the project, we evaluate the exterior of your home, discuss your needs, and give you an accurate estimate. Installations vary in cost based on the scope of the work, the materials you select, and some of the possible tasks, such as capping doors or windows. You’ll never receive unnecessary charges from us, and your project budget won’t get wrecked by wasteful purchases and preventable delays. You deserve fair prices and a transparent overview of expenses.

Design Consultation

When you first hear about vinyl siding, it may not sound like an exciting option for your home. But you may not be aware of how much vinyl has evolved. The array of styles and amazing protective features give you plenty of options for your home. Likewise, if you browse the selection at James Hardie, a company that produces siding made of fiber cement, you may also be blown away by just how many colors, textures, and other stylistic details you can choose from. Our design specialists are prepared to serve as your guide through the selection process, and they’ll help you avoid the pitfalls of picking the wrong type of siding for your home and budget. With the use of a 3D visualization tool, they’ll display your ideas and find the ones that look the best. You’ll have a stunning home that demonstrates good personal taste and leaves a positive impression on any visitors, including potential buyers or tenants.

Skilled Work

When strangers show up to work on your home, it’s an unsettling feeling. So we do whatever we can to make you feel at ease throughout the process. Our installers are consummate professionals. They’re friendly and have always proven to be trustworthy, and they know how to work at a high level. They’ll thoroughly prepare the work site to ensure that the area is safe and that the exterior surfaces are ready to undergo a re-siding or new installation. Don’t worry that they’ll show up late or turn your property into a mess. They work in a focused and careful way, and they call on a powerful array of skills. They have proven themselves through extensive experience and impressive industry certifications. Thanks to them, your siding installation will live up to its full promise. It will elevate your curb appeal and give you decades of protection against leaks, pests, and other problems.

5-Star Service

The outcome of a siding installation affects your comfort, the value of your property, and the strength of your home. Your siding should be able to do a great job withstanding physical impact, keeping moisture out, and moderating your heating and cooling costs. We guarantee a wonderful outcome to any project. What we also guarantee is a great experience at every stage of the work. You always know who to reach on our team, and you can expect a rapid response. We take your questions seriously, and we address your concerns with honesty and sincere reassurance. You’re always kept in the loop, informed about what’s going on at any given point. You can ask us to draw up a schedule that’s most convenient for you, and you can depend on a timely conclusion for the project. Except for when it’s raining and snowing, we’re at your home delivering our phenomenal work.
Population: 5,869

Median Age: 42.3

Number of Households: 2,662

Average Household Size: 2.2

Median House Value: $639,800

Median Household Income: $90,461

Beyond being an awesome place to live in, Belmar attracts people with its many fun activities. The town hosts many events in the arts and sports. Belmar Beach is a popular spot to hang out, and it’s renowned in the surfing community. Along with being delighted with what you can do around town, you also want to relax in your house knowing that it’s in great condition. Have us redo your siding, and you’ll be immensely pleased by the outcome.

Data Source: https://censusreporter.org/profiles/16000US3404930-belmar-nj/

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