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Do you suspect that your home has become an eyesore? The siding may look worn out, and it may be suffering from serious problems, such as cracks and leaks. Installing new siding is one of our areas of expertise. Rely on us for this crucial project, and watch as the value and beauty of your home increase.



As the Top Siding Contractor in Loch Arbour, NJ, What Can We Do for Your Home?

Hiring a contractor should fill you with hope, not a sense of foreboding. Unfortunately, too many contractors treat their customers with indifference and, in some cases, contempt. In contrast, we never take you for granted, and we never let our standards for professional conduct slip. Every project we run becomes a memorably positive experience in all respects, from the quality of the final product to the care and attention we give you.

In comparison to competitors, what makes our customer service shine?

  • Customers receive a response from us after a minimal wait time.
  • There’s no confusion about who’s running a project and who to contact.
  • We don’t tolerate rudeness or neglect from our employees.
  • Our high-quality work is never priced unreasonably.
  • Customers receive clear, honest, and comprehensive information.
  • We respect our customers’ preferences, property, schedule, and budget.
  • Everything we do extends from our core values: professionalism, reliability, and communication.

Another advantage to working with us is our commitment to helping customers overcome obstacles. Sometimes, there are serious problems lurking beneath siding, such as a pest infestation or signs of a widespread leak. Although these problems may cause some delay, we can guide you to cost-effective solutions. A major issue becomes more manageable, and your home’s exterior stays on track for a redo.

Also, we install siding in different temperature conditions, including when it’s freezing out. Granted, precipitation or alarmingly strong winds will cause a temporary delay. But we can tackle siding projects at any other time.

Why Hire Us for a Siding Installation Project in Loch Arbour, NJ

Get ready for a siding installation that’s delivered by the most experienced and skilled contractor you’ll find near your New Jersey home.

Reasonable Prices

When you get new siding installed, multiple factors affect the overall cost. Consider how much square footage you’ll need to redo. Think about the kind of siding material you want and its special properties, such as insulation or fire resistance. Maybe you’ll have to remove all of your old siding, or maybe you’ll be able to keep it in place and install a new layer over it. During the consultation phase for the project, we’ll review these details and give you transparent and fair pricing. We won’t overcharge you for anything or try to sneak extra costs past you. To an impressive extent, we can adapt to your budget and guide you towards financially advantageous decisions. Once the installation is complete, you’ll enjoy powerful, beautiful siding that doesn’t demand regular repairs or effortful maintenance. Expect decades of reliable functionality and lower long-term costs.


It’s beyond frustrating to talk to a contractor and feel as if you aren’t being heard. Whether you’re talking about scheduling concerns or design preferences, the topics you bring up deserve attention. It’s a relief to meet with us and know that you aren’t wasting your time and getting neglected. As an example, let’s look at one area of our highly rated business: design consultation. Our design specialists carry out in-depth discussions that provide you with intelligent guidance and accurate information. You learn about remarkable possibilities in siding products, whether you ultimately choose high-quality vinyl or a fiber-cement James Hardie product. From board and batten to artisan V-groove, you become aware of design options that can result in a gorgeous home. Our specialists use a 3D tool to help you test out color combinations and feel more confident about how your home will look. We focus on your needs, your happiness, and your optimal choices.

Security and Reliability

Who will actually be working on your home once a siding project gets underway? Because you want precise work and high-caliber results, you need to be able to trust the strangers that are redoing your exterior. One key way we earn trust is by proving that all of our workers possess outstanding professional and personal qualifications. With high-level third-party certifications, they have demonstrated a mastery of installation techniques and the capacity to come up with sensible and cost-effective solutions for challenging projects. You are never having inexperienced, unmotivated, and unskilled people working on your home. You can also trust our installers’ personal character. They have been vetted, and they treat every customer and every piece of property with genuine respect. Courteous and prompt, they show up on time, and they work without generating an unnecessary mess or causing delays. They know how to make homeowners feel justifiably comfortable and confident about project outcomes.

Five-Star Ratings

One perk of working with us is the lifetime warranty we offer for leaks that pop up in our siding. As comforting as it is to have this kind of coverage for your installation, you’ll find that the chance of ever having to use it is very small. Our siding endures, gifting your home with decades of protection. It holds up against rough winds, heat waves, cold snaps, battering hail, and the heavy moisture from rain and snow. It proves resilient against decades of exposure to sunlight and sea salt. It doesn’t dent or crack easily when struck by branches or other objects. Especially when insulated, it faithfully keeps energy bills from spiking too sharply. Beyond its stellar functionality, our siding also promises decades of elevated curb appeal. Whether you aim to sell your home or stay and enjoy it, you want it to look impressive. We make it easier for your home to wow visitors.
Population: 219

Population Density / Mile: 2,524/sq mi

Median Age: 49.1

Number of Households: 86

Average Household Size: 2.6

Median Household Income: $111,250

Loch Arbour, NJ may be only a small village, but it offers abundant pleasures to residents. The gorgeous beaches nearby, the opportunities to fish and play golf, and the ability to make a day trip to New York City are among the benefits of life in Loch Arbour. Plus, the houses are generally beautiful, some of them with phenomenal waterfront views. Call us to keep your home in good shape and enhance its strength and value.

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