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If your siding hasn’t been replaced for a while, there’s a strong chance it’s suffering from multiple problems, making your home much less resilient and beautiful. It’s time to get rid of the cracks, the fading, and the outdated look. We’re here to give you a siding makeover and a stronger home.



What You Can Expect from Our Siding Installation Services in Millstone, NJ

With an incredible contractor, it’s easy to get started on a siding installation. From the opening stages of a project to the moment it wraps up, everything unfolds smoothly, and you don’t find yourself floundering around in preventable delays and exploding costs. The benefits of working with us are extensive, and they include our excellent organizational skills and high-level project management.

As we coordinate the work of our amazing employees, expect an installation process that can be slowed down only by rain and snow.

  • Accurately predict your project’s costs with our free estimate.
  • Have us examine your home’s exterior and the siding that needs to be replaced.
  • Ask our design specialists for advice on color, texture, and other stylistic elements.
  • Visualize your prospective design choices with our 3D tool.
  • Watch us carefully prepare the work site and each surface we’ll be redoing.
  • Enjoy the sight of our expert installers remaking your beautiful home.
  • Contact us at any point with questions or feedback.

How long does it take us to complete a siding installation or a re-siding? Multiple factors affect the length of a project. For example, we may have to remove some of your existing siding. Other times, we may need to replace some gutters or give your home new trim. In general, it shouldn’t take more than 10 to 14 days, assuming the weather cooperates.

But don’t worry about the project dragging out. And don’t be anxious about the possibility of failure. Each of our projects is an unqualified success story, because we’re capable, dedicated, and committed to working with complete integrity.

We Handle Everything for Your Siding Install

Contractors who put your mind at ease are hard to come by, but we give you a great experience throughout every project.

Financial Benefits

Some contractors put you on your guard, because you’re worried that they’re charging you for services that aren’t necessary, materials that are overpriced, or fees that you don’t remember hearing about during your consultation and estimate. Call us, and you can feel the reassurance that comes from a company with integrity. While still using excellent brands and materials, we make the installation process cost-effective. Expect transparent costs and fair pricing, and talk to us about the long-term financial benefits of a high-quality siding installation. If your siding isn’t properly installed, it won’t have longevity or durability, and you’ll need to replace it too soon or perform repairs more often. To back up our outstanding work, we give you a lifetime warranty with advantageous terms, because it covers any leaks that may form in our siding. But we don’t anticipate any such problems, and we can promise you that you’re investing wisely in your home by hiring us.

Designs You'll Love

Maybe you can clearly picture how you’d like your home to look. The current style of siding may work beautifully, but you just need new materials for your upgrade. In other cases, you may want to redo the style entirely, or introduce another style and create a mix of two different types of siding for your exterior. The decision you make needs to satisfy your personal tastes, and it also needs to work well for your curb appeal. You can’t fall into the trap of choosing clashing styles or colors. Along with an informative consultation, you can expect excellent feedback from our design specialists. Explore your ideas with them. Tell them how you envision your home, and make use of their visualization tools to help you make your decisions with greater certainty and happiness. Whether your favorite siding color is navy blue, or your preferred style is board and batten, we’ll make sure your choices turn out well.


There are many problems that keep homeowners awake at night, such as leaks in their walls or energy bills that are going up drastically. Maybe they wonder how their home will hold up when the next storm rolls in or another blizzard hits in the winter. A siding installation should assuage some of these worries. The siding we provide gives your home decades of protection. It’s a barrier against water and flying debris, intrusive insects and harsh temperature fluctuations. It’s made to keep its color even when the sun beats down on it for years. When your siding functions well, you can feel especially cozy and cared for in your home. Also, ask us about an insulated option, because it may genuinely help you moderate your energy expenditure. Our installations are of a high caliber, so you can depend on a strong performance from your siding and its guaranteed durability.


When you think about how much siding you may need to replace on your exterior, the prospect may seem intimidating. You may need more than just an upgrade for the front of your home. A project may also demand some additional work, such as the installation of new soffits or the need to cap your windows. Will the contractors you hire leave you with an uneven job and neglected areas on your home’s exterior? We won’t allow that to happen. You need a guaranteed return on investment and complete satisfaction with how your siding looks and functions. We can work on a siding installation of any magnitude, including large amounts of exterior square footage and areas on the exterior that are more difficult to access. The precision of our work is unmatched, and our installers arrive with impressive credentials and a brilliant track record for pulling off even difficult jobs.
Population: 593

Median Age: 41.9

Number of Households: 188

Average Household Size: 3.1

Median House Value: $405,700

Median Household Income: $123,944

Located in New Jersey’s heartland, Millstone has a wealth of rivers and lakes, and it’s one of the most desirable places to call home in the state. Quiet, peaceful neighborhoods with gorgeous homes are the norm in Millstone, and if you’re lucky enough to count yourself as a resident of this excellent township, you want to keep your house in top condition. Tell us about how you want your home to improve, and we can discuss the wonderful options available to you for new siding.

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