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When the siding on your home deteriorates, your curb appeal weakens, and the value of your property goes down. Your home also doesn’t enjoy full protection. Fortunately, you can call on us year-round for a beautiful and durable siding replacement.



What to Expect From Home Makeover™ a Siding Contractor in Rumson, NJ

Maybe you’re worried that your siding project will be messy or drag out for too long. In the past, you may have worked with contractors who turned out to be disorganized and inefficient. But we won’t ever subject you to these kinds of problems. Drawing on our extensive experience in the industry, we have developed work processes that run smoothly and lead to wonderful results.

When you call us for a siding replacement, the steps that you can expect include:

  • A free consultation in which you share your vision with us.
  • An evaluation of the exterior surfaces we’ll be working on.
  • Guidance from a design specialist who’s trained to help you with color and style choices.
  • Methodical preparation of all the surfaces before the work begins.
  • An installation process that usually doesn’t last longer than two weeks.
  • A thorough cleanup after the job is done.
  • A final assessment to ensure that everything turned out as well as expected.

You don’t have to plan for any particular time of the year to call us. Even in the winter, we’re capable of adapting to the lower temperatures and replacing your siding with complete success. We may have to hold off on working if it’s raining or snowing, but rough weather is just about the only issue that could slow us down.

We’re also flexible in offering you different kinds of siding. Our specialties are vinyl products and the James Hardie brand. If you want insulated siding, we offer foam-backed vinyl that’s safely treated with an insecticide. We have options to suit different budgets, architectural styles, and personal tastes.

Enjoy a High-Quality Siding Installation in Rumson, NJ

Whether you need a re-siding or a total replacement, you’ll enjoy tremendous benefits when you ask us to work on your home.

Cost Advantages

Any siding installation should yield long-term results. When you hire top contractors for the job, your siding will last for decades, sometimes as much as 60 years or more. You won’t have to dread the kinds of costly, preventable problems that result in frequent repairs or replacements. With our assistance, you’ll be able to choose siding that best suits your home and provides it with lasting value. For example, if you’re considering insulated siding, we’ll help you calculate the long-lasting advantages for your home and wallet. How much will your energy bills go down? Will the insulated siding provide you with other benefits, such as noise reduction? You can trust us to help you make well-informed and advantageous decisions. Also, when working with us, you’ll never have to brace yourself for unfair prices or underhanded practices, such as hidden fees. We’re completely transparent about our work.

The Best Design Choices

When it comes time to replace your siding, you need to choose from among many possibilities. As you think about what you want your home to look like, share your thoughts with us. We’ll use your vision to help you arrive at the best-looking choices for color and style. Will a certain designer siding, such as wood shake or board and batten, suit your personal taste and budget? Will it fit well with your home’s overall architectural style? You may not realize just how many options are available with vinyl siding or with James Hardie products, which are fiber cement. Our design specialists have a well-developed artistic eye, and they use a 3D visualization tool to show you different options and help you make decisions confidently. From us, you know that you’ll receive clear guidance, strong communication, and a dedication to fully understanding and meeting your needs.

Enduring Strength

Siding plays a critical role in your home’s appearance, and it can either enhance or ruin your curb appeal. But it’s also important to keep in mind the protective properties of siding, not just the aesthetic qualities. When siding cracks or shows other signs of deterioration, it means that your home is less resilient against different kinds of expensive damage, such as leaks. After we work on your home, it will be much better protected against rough weather, physical impact, and other destructive forces. Our installations are outstanding, and we use high-quality products from reputable brands. You can enjoy siding that has been safely treated with insecticide or engineered to resist spreading flames. Also, because each product demands only minimal maintenance, you won’t have to put in much effort to keep it in good shape. Our siding replacements are known for their power and durability.


Whenever we work on a project, customers experience a smooth and efficient process that ends with spectacular results. Our installers are consummate professionals, showing up promptly and knowing how to avoid preventable delays. They have also undergone rigorous training in all aspects of siding installation. One proof of their expertise is the fact that they have passed difficult exams to be awarded a high-level certification by the Vinyl Siding Institute. With their advanced skills, they never skip steps or perform shoddy and uneven work. They possess a deep understanding of all the materials they work with, and they keep their knowledge updated to stay current with new products, tools, and techniques. Even if your home poses challenges for a siding replacement, they’ll come up with cost-effective solutions. The end result is siding with remarkable longevity and a beautiful appearance throughout, a testament to the workmanship of top installers.
Population: 7,292

Population Density / Mile: 1,439.1/sq mi

Median Age: 42.7

Number of Households: 2,265

Average Household Size: 3.2

Median Household Income: $239,188

Class and elegance are two characteristics that jump out when you drive through the neighborhoods of Rumson. Often, you’ll see grand homes on sprawling, well-maintained lawns. As a Rumson resident, you want to keep your home in excellent condition and enhance its value. We’re experienced at working on homes of any size, and we can successfully tackle projects that are complex and large in scope. Don’t hesitate to entrust your home renovations to us, as you’ll experience a strong return on investment.

Data Source: https://censusreporter.org/profiles/16000US3465130-rumson-nj/

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